New Movers: Getting to new customers first

Jul 30, 2013

Envision3 moves small businesses with a New Movers Campaign.

New Movers

Envision3 moves small businesses with a New Movers Campaign.

Small businesses are delivered an even playing field with Envision3’s recently created New Movers product campaign. Every month, thousands of families move across cities and states. With the introduction of services like Yelp which help individuals find interesting places nearby, listings tend to be cluttered with out-of-date locations and reviews.

Families that move are in desperate need for services and lack the connections and reassurances once available to them.

Envision3 launched a new marketing product – New Movers Campaigns, for small businesses to tap into these essential needs of families and individuals moving into an area. Each Self-Mailer is sent to a list of new movers near the retail location and consists of agency designed postcards along with easily customized options and promotions.

The use of Envision3’s in-house mailing services additionally means that customers are able to take advantage of volume cost savings in postage-savings that would otherwise be unavailable to them.