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Our Story
Responding. Innovating. Growing.

Founded in July of 2000, Envision Graphics was formed during a challenging period in the printing industry – a time when change was drastically needed. The owners of Envision Graphics embraced this reality and responded with a new business model founded on productivity, innovation and best-in-class customer service. From equipment purchased to workflow and staffing, Envision3 was committed to results-oriented efficiency. In 2003, Fuji Film selected Envision3 as a beta test site for its new Co-Res screening technology, a feature that enhances both detail and color. In this dynamic new landscape, the company grew quickly and in November, 2004, it moved to a brand new, specially designed facility in

Bloomingdale, doubling their capacity overnight. The new space allowed for the addition of vitally important new equipment and services, offerings our customers still enjoy today. The expansion continued beyond just physical growth however, as Envision Graphics was renamed Envision3, the “3” coming from an organizational commitment to three areas critical to our client success: Insight, Innovation and Communication. Today, Envision3 is a premier print communication solutions provider. We treasure the loyalty of our customer base, many of whom have remained with us for more than a decade and look forward to the possibility of serving your needs.