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When it comes to inventory controls, knowing what you have can help you determine what to do next. Having a bead on your inventory means less guesswork and more control over your sales and communication efforts.

Envision3 takes great care in ensuring that from the minute your product hits our docks, the condition of your materials are digitally imaged, its condition noted, and the materials received are then counted and compared to the shipping manifest. We confirm its weight and dimensions, allowing our sophisticated software to choose a box and shipping mode that’s most cost-effective, secure and timely, too.

Our systems also monitor real-time counts which helps maintain inventory levels that are both efficient and sufficient, too. Your inventory is self-monitoring also, allowing you to keep tabs on your collateral levels at all times. Keeping inventory at optimum levels means your team saves money and this, dear friends, is always a cause for celebration.

Warehousing and Distribution

Whether it's shipping a single piece or several full pallets, we can flex up and down as your order volume changes through time or seasons. Store everything in our warehouse as inventory levels rise and fall.

Inventory Management, Ordering, Tracking

In real time, view inventory reports, order history and projections. You can track your orders on your team's ordering page to know when it's time to replenish low balances or recycle aging items via automatic email.

Kit-Packing & Fulfillment

When it comes to fulfilling complex kitting designs, we love a good challenge! Whatever your needs are, we are happy to assemble them, then store them at our facilities until you're ready to hit the "go" button.

Climate Controlled Areas & Secure Storage

The Midwest is known for its drastic weather swings, so Envision3 maintains a climate-controlled environment year-round to protect your inventory. Have precious cargo? We can provide secure storage areas accessible via keycard entry only in a camera-monitored area.

Efficient Workflows and Equipment

In your business, order volumes can change on the fly so our conveyor systems and racking workflows are ready to keep your orders moving consistently and quickly, keeping up with demand during your busiest seasons.