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To say Envision3 understands the importance of your mailing is an understatement. For dozens of our non-profit and for-profit clients, our ability to print, data match and mail every piece beautifully and accurately is essential. On the nonprofit side, it can mean the difference between a young child or their family receiving life-giving support. For a business, it can strongly influence a new product's success or failure. Executing effective direct mail campaigns is serious business and getting it right drives our team to build the systems, quality controls and cost efficiencies

necessary to help our clients grow their vision and resources year after year.

With a large staff of bindery pros plus high-speed inserting equipment (up to six pieces in a single envelope), Envision3 can keep your mailings humming. With over 1,000,000 pieces mail processed under our roof each month, your mailings will enjoy all the efficiencies and cost savings available to our high-volume customers.

Envision3 Mailing
Money Saving Co-Services

Are your mailings the most cost-effective they can be? Envision3 can analyze your mail lists, materials, printing specs and current postal spending. We then analyze your mailings for eligibility in cost-saving programs like Co-Mingling, Co-Mailing or Drop Shipping. If so, your organization could save thousands of dollars in postal expenses.

List Management/Processing

Another cost saving, efficiency-based service available to our clients is NCOA (National Change of Address) and CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) processing. These components save wasted postage and help organize recipient mailing info into the most efficient USPS formats available. Tired of managing your mailing lists? Envision3 offers list consolidation and reconciliation, conveniently maintaining your contact list so you don't have to.

Self Mailers

Wafer-sealed or snot glued, Envision3's direct mailers offer traditional or full variable data personalization in an easily-accessible, high impact format.

Inserting & Inkjet Personalization

The perfect solution for small staffs, multi-piece mailings or high volume campaigns, Envision3's inserting and inkjet services have come to your rescue. With multi-piece match mailing capabilities and the ability to run up to a 10 x 13" jumbo envelope plus ink-jetting capabilities up to a 2" vertical print area, the sky's the limit. Need proof? 1,000,000+ pieces a month mail from our premises each month.